The Art of Speed

2nd place - State Finals


We are Sokudo – an F1 in Schools Team established by five members of Trinity Grammar School, Kew. The word, ‘sokudo’, originates from the Japanese language, meaning, ‘speed’ in English.

We collectively decided to name our team this, with a mission to deliver our mutual goal: to strive for our maximum potential and arise successful at F1 in Schools Australian National Finals in May 2022. When collaborating with our team and others, we implement innovation, teamwork, and creativity to achieve our best results. 

Sokudo’s motto — “The Art of Speed” was chosen because our team has an ambitious goal to achieve the highest or one of the highest speeds in the F1 in Schools competition. We believe speed can be determined from a number of different aspects, and so we felt like the concept was a piece of ‘art’, hence, “The Art of Speed”. 


This is our second full season as a team and after experiencing a full season and being mentored by professionals, experienced engineers and professional marketers, we are hungrier than ever to achieve our ultimate goal!




At Sokudo, our flexible packages and cohesiveness help our sponsors and ourselves to both aim for the ultimate goal; to win.

We offer four standard Sponsorship Packages. From Bronze to Platinum, we hope that at least one of the packages suits you. As the packages increase in cost while including all benefits from previous packs, more perks and benefits are available depending on what level of sponsorship you choose. Each level includes all the benefits from the lower level and the option of negotiating deals is always open, we are very flexible! We hope that you find an offer that’s the best for you!

For those seeking to be a sponsor and intrigued to know more, contact us today.


"The speed of the boss is the speed of the team"

- Lee Iacoca (Former Ford Mustang Executive)

The Art of Speed


We’re happy to hear from you! Contact us today to learn more about our team and how you can benefit from working with us. We are currently looking for sponsors.

Sokudo - F1 in Schools™
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