Our team is made up of 5 brilliant young minds of Year 10 Trinity students. Working tirelessly on both ends of the field, we are striving and looking forward to our fourth competition later this year.



Team Manager

As team manager, Eric is responsible for the coordination and goals of the team. He ensures that each aspect of the competition is completed to the highest of standards, leaving no stone unturned. Throughout the competition, Eric has a thorough understanding of the progress of each team member and ensures that everything is on track. He is the foundation of the team, and without him, there wouldn't be Team Sokudo. Eric has also implemented his invaluable skills in other areas of the competition.



Marketing Manager

Passionate about business and innovation, Edward is constantly thriving to improve our team's image. Being an experienced debater and having learnt skills from being a marketing manager before, Edward’s consistency and excellence is our foundation of our team. He pays great attention to detail on project management. With this, he also ensures that every single bit of detail is left unscathed and demands the highest quality in the team, bringing out our best in us. Edward’s main role of the team is developing strong relationships with our sponsors, pit display, managing our social media, responsible for our presentations and checking and furnishing of all our portfolios.

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Andreas Wiggett

Manufacturing Engineer

Andreas Wiggett is responsible for the completion and overview of the team’s vehicle. Eager and curious, Andreas constantly proves that no technological feat is too big to tackle. As Andreas’ goal in life is to be an engineer, his role is perfectly suited to his interests and aims. He is further responsible for the selection of materials, such as the front wing or wheels. After completion of manufacturing Andreas also must ensure all regulations were met and obeyed, and that the vehicle would function in its intended way. Andreas has implemented his skills learned from previous competitions to manufacture and produce a high-quality car.



CAD Engineer

Isaac is the central mastermind of this team. Without him, there wouldn’t be the foremost item of the competition, the car. He has implemented skills learned from the development class early this year and last year to design a sophisticated vehicle on the application CATIA. CATIA is a multi-platform software suite for computer-aided design. Isaac has created multiple vehicles on this application and has conducted a series of tests on each design to ensure the team is fielding the best car possible. Rules and regulations also must be considered by Isaac. During scrutineering if a defect is located it would result in time penalties or point penalties when it came to racing.



Graphic Designer

Evan is always looking to go beyond perfection. With passion and expertise, Evan has strived and achieved what was thought to be unthinkable in terms of professionalism. With his love of art and talent for skills in areas of styling and designing, this role is of upmost excellence for him. As our Graphics Designer, Evan is required to manage the design of logos, templates and our uniform.